I, Claudius Poison Is Queen Ep5

Rome, AD 13–14. Germanicus has defeated the Germans and returns to Rome in triumph. Claudius tells him of Postumus’ suspicions and Germanicus passes this information on to Augustus. On a trip to Corsica, Augustus stops to see Postumus and, now aware of Postumus’ innocence, promises to pardon him. Augustus privately thanks Claudius for his role in opening his eyes, and informs him that he has already changed his will to favor Postumus. Livia, ever suspicious, tricks a Vestal Virgin into letting her inspect the revised will. Soon afterward Augustus falls ill. He recovers when he begins to eat only food that he has grown himself and picked by hand, but his recovery is short-lived, and after his death it becomes clear that Livia has poisoned Augustus’ figs while they still ripen on the vine. A Praetorian officer, Sejanus, is dispatched to kill Postumus, and Tiberius prepares to take over as Emperor, being left two-thirds of Augustus’ property while Livia takes the remaining third.