I, Claudius Queen of Heaven Ep7

Rome, AD 23/29. Claudius is invited to a dinner where the hostess, Lollia, unexpectedly confesses she was forced to prostitute herself to Tiberius, and then stabs herself. Tiberius now only lives for his perversions, in which Caligula is only too happy to join. Sejanus effectively rules the empire, overseeing continual treason trials of notable citizens and seizing their property for the crown. He is having an affair with Livilla, who becomes so enamored of him that she poisons her husband, Tiberius’ son Castor to be able to marry Sejanus. Sejanus manipulates Claudius into marrying his adopted sister Aelia, after telling him that his wife is pregnant by another man. Unexpectedly, Claudius receives an invitation to dine with his now-elderly grandmother Livia, who has not spoken to him in years. Anticipating her coming death, Livia reveals to Claudius that an unpublished Sibylline prophecy claims that both he and Caligula will each one day become Emperor, and makes each of them promise to make her a goddess so that she can escape eternal torment for her many misdeeds. Claudius agrees on the condition that she reveal to him the full scope of her crimes, which she does. On her deathbed she receives a visit from Caligula, who rescinds his promise and reveals that he plans to become the greatest god the world has ever known. Claudius, however, renews his promise to her, and Livia dies peacefully.